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In 1988, Gerhard Metzger immigrated from Germany after completing his education in Agriculture and Food Processing.  After working on the family farm for two years, he purchased the abattoir and quickly gained a reputation for providing quality cuts of meat as well as European Style Meats that are free of non-meat proteins, fillers and flavour enhancers.  In 1993 the first changes were made and a retail store was added to meet the needs of retail shoppers, as well as our wholesale and food service customers. Throughout the years the facility was continuously updated and modernized to accommodate the growing demand. In 2002, a major addition was constructed which included a sausage kitchen, salami aging room, additional smokehouse, and cooler and freezer storage. In 2010, another addition was added with new smokehouses and storage. Subsequently, in 2013, the original part of the building was completely renovated to accommodate dry aging and a separate order preparation area.

In 2015 we were able to celebrate 25 years of Metzger Meats.


Despite our modern production facility, we do not compromise the ways of making traditional specialty meats. We use the best ingredients that we can source from trusted local farms and producers. All our recipes consist of natural spices and ingredients that are used to create our outstanding products. Our smoked meats are created using selections of natural woods for exceptional and delicious notes of smoke flavor.


The careful selection of cuts that are used in our products. The handling, cleanliness and oversight of the whole process from start to finish is our foundation for a good quality product. Purity of the meat ingredients and the non-use of fillers and flavour enhancers all benefit in creating a healthy and wholesome product for you to enjoy. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is continuously working to bring you, the customer, the best we can offer.


Innovation is one of the principles in our company. During the past 25 years, we have continuously developed ourselves and grew from a small one man operation into a modern establishment.

We challenge ourselves to develop consistently new products that are unique so our customers can explore new flavours and a variety of new offerings throughout the year. Our company is a recipient of various awards for Innovative Manufacturing, Manufacturer of the Year and Premiers Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence.


“We are here to help.”

We are dedicated to offer exceptional Quality, Service and Value to our customers on an individual basis.

We are always pleased to give advice and help our customers to make the right selections for their needs.

You can depend on us to make your dinner or BBQ gatherings a delicious and extraordinary experience.


Metzger Meats operates under Ministry of Agriculture and Food regulations and a HACCP system based program that encompasses Process Controls, Good Manufacturing Practises, Allergen Control, Pest Control, Formal Employee Training and more.

Our team is committed to high quality standards and customer service.

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