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Black Forest Speck          Cold smoked Slab Bacon

Bluewater Salami             2 kg piece

Calabrese Salami             2 kg piece

Friulano Salami                2 kg piece

Genoa Salami                    2 kg piece

Hensall Salami                  2 kg piece

Hungarian Salami             2 kg piece

Jalapeno Salami               2 kg piece

Mini Pepperoni                        Mild10pp

Mini Pepperoni                        Hot 10pp

Mini Pepperoni                        Honey Garlic10pp

Mini Pepperoni                        Turkey 6pp

Pancetta                             Halfs

Pizza Pepperoni                      4 kg pack whole pieces

Pizza Pepperoni                      sliced 1 lb vac packed

Prosciutto Boneless          whole

Prosciutto Salami              2 kg piece

Summer Sausage             Cotton Bag

Summer Sausage             Cotton Bag Chub

Veneto Salami                   2 kg piece

Westphalian Ham              halfs

Pizza Pepperoni                4 kg pack whole pieces

Pizza Pepperoni                sliced 1 lb vac packed


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